Employee Testimonials

"What I’ve loved about working at Dannon so far is the fact that I really do get to roll up my sleeves and get involved with the other functions. It has a lot to do with uniting as a team."

Amit Mackar, Sr. Brand Manager, Oikos

Our Culture

Dannon constantly strives to maintain an open and dynamic work/life culture. We encourage flexibility and change versus fixed hierarchies and processes. We seek face-to-face, open communication whenever possible. We appreciate the value that an entrepreneurial spirit brings to every business endeavor. Our goal is to empower individuals, teams and businesses to make their own decisions and drive their own success.

Danone has taken on a worldwide initiative to train our employees with a common leadership model – CODE. The Danone Leadership CODE is based on four key principles:

Committed: Inspire and "be" the vision: build and share an ambitious future, lead by example. Commit to creating breakthrough results: challenge status quo.

Open: Listen with empathy and talk straight: interact with proximity, develop authentic relationships through generous listening, and value different opinions. Connect inside and outside: demonstrate curiosity, break silos, network outside Dannon.

Doer: Take responsibility and risk to show the way forward: experiment, speak up, make tough decisions. Act with speed, agility and pragmatism: solve complex problems with smart, pragmatic solutions, set priorities, show resilience and tenacity.

Empowered: Engage and align teams: mobilize toward common goals, empower through trust, give constructive feedback. Coach and harness diverse talent: be passionate for people growth, demonstrate healthy ambition, seek feedback on oneself.

Humanism: Sharing, dialogue, transparency and teamwork in management-employee relations. Responsibility: concern for the environment, local communities, health and safety. Respect for others: respect for all differences.

Openness: Curiosity: awareness, imagination, refusal of prejudice. Agility: speed, adaptability. Simplicity: a pragmatic, informal management style.

Proximity: Accessibility: an approachable, straightforward management style. Credibility: being true to oneself and taking responsibility for one’s decisions and actions. Empathy: the willingness to reach out to customers, suppliers and consumers and to build ties beyond mere buying and selling.

Enthusiasm: Boldness: capacity to take risks and overcome failure. Passion: a sense of conviction, pleasure in work, the ability to surpass oneself. Appetite for challenge: enthusiasm for growing and taking the lead.